2016 National Finals Cheltenham

Third Section Test-Piece

Lake of the Moon (Kevin Houben)
Published by Scherzando Music

Kevin Houben's colourful work was commissioned in 2008 by the Royal Fanfare Brass Band De Kempengalm Vlimmeren (Belgium) in honour of their 100th anniversary.

However, its inspiration lies in a different continent and from a different age; that of the Aztec people as they headed south in the 14th century through Central America looking for a new home - the spiritual 'Lake of the Moon'.

They found it at Texcoco Lake within the Valley of Mexico, where they built their city of Tenochtitlan - later the basis for the modern day Mexico City.

The music itself is diverse - containing fragments of oriental and South American rhythms, and even a hint of eastern Russia, whilst the music follows the Aztec journey of hope, expectation, danger and eventual fulfilment as they finally find their new spiritual home.

The name Mexico is a Náhuatl term derived from the words metztli (moon), xictli (navel or center) and co (place). Mexico’s name, therefore, means -- the place in the center of the Moon --and refers to the fact that the Aztecs built Tenochtitlán in the middle of the Lake of the Moon (later called Lake Texcoco).


Here are three recordings found on the great big web! Named after the bands playing them.

Lake of the Moon played by Farnworth and Walkden Band on the 18th September 2016 in the 3rd section of the Nationals at Cheltenham Racecourse.

Farnworth and Walkden Band

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Hotel - Tewkesbury Hotel Premier Inn

Contest - Cheltenham Racecourse

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